Founded in 2019, Six Silver Seals exists as a beacon of light for those who find themselves in times of darkness, offering spiritual guidance through astrology, tarot, and other esoterica.

If you have questions, our mission is to help you find the answers.

Featured Service

Intuitive Reading
An intuitive reading, given via Ogham, runes, or Tarot (client's choice).


To inquire about and/or purchase services, use the provided info! 6SS can be reached by phone between 9am and 9pm daily, or anytime by email!

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Contact Information
Phone: +1 (517) 888-7751
Email: sixsilverseals@gmail.com


“I just received a Translation Spread reading and it is, by far, my most favorite way to look at my birth chart! It was such a unique way to combine astrology and tarot and made so much sense. I've looked at my chart several times and have had several readings but this one illuminated so much for me. Because I am slightly versed in both tarot and astrology, combining the two really helped explain the aspects of my chart in a way that clicked so much with me."

— Chelsea W.
"I just accepted a position at a new job, that your rune casting convinced me to go after! I am so over the moon about this new opportunity and I wanted to thank you for what you do!! this really will change my life, like the runes said and I am forever grateful for it!!"

- Kathylee B.


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